MARITIMA MERCANTIL S.A.C., as a maritime agent member of the international supply chain, that we comply with the applicable legal and regulatory regulations and others that the organization subscribes commit ourselves to:

  • Ensure that the services comply with the satisfaction demanded by our clients, deepening the knowledge of their needs and expectations, for this we guarantee to promote a culture of quality based on our values ​​and the principles of: timely and personalized communication, anticipation of their needs and timely deliveries of the service, in order to exceed your expectations, as well as that of other interested parties.
  • Provide a safe work environment that guarantees the integrity of the workers and all those who, due to the activity’s own circumstances, are linked to the company, developing actions to identify hazards and assess the risks inherent in our activities and thus be able to establish control measures, promoting a culture of prevention of incidents, which allow reducing risks and the occurrence of accidents at work, injuries and occupational diseases.
  • Protect the environment, reducing and preventing environmental pollution and minimizing environmental impacts resulting from our activities, especially those that affect the quality of effluents, atmospheric emissions, solid waste, water consumption, fuel and energy, using Responsibly natural resources and disposing of waste safely.
  • Establish operational controls to reduce risks related to illegal activities such as drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, among others in our processes, contributing to safe trade.
  • Employees, managers and others acting on behalf of Maritime Merchant cannot pay or accept bribes from any person – whether in the public sector or in the private sector – directly or indirectly (eg, through an intermediary or family member) for the purpose of obtaining, retaining or conducting business improperly or ensuring any other inappropriate advantage in conducting business with the company.
  • Commitment to identify, update and comply with the legal requirements established by our legal framework at national and international level.
  • Strengthen the motivation, commitment, training and skills of all our workers through programs and ongoing training, to carry out their work responsibly and efficiently.
  • Strengthen the culture of continuous improvement of all the processes of the Integrated Management System and our services, promoting the participation of our workers, with the aim of increasing competitiveness.